Shipping Methods

How do we ship?

We take great care in our shipping process.

It all starts with picking out the healthy plants from your order.

After close inspection of the plants, the first step is to secure the soil.

We secure the soil with polyfill/paper towels and plastic wrap.

The polyfill/paper towel fills the empty space and wrap secures it down.

The plant is placed on either shipping paper, cardboard or thermal insulation wrap and taped down. Polyfill is used to protect the leaves, and the plant is rolled up and taped into a tube shaped package. 

Your plants are labeled and placed in a sturdy box with shipping paper to fill any empty space and prevent movement during shipping.

A packing slip with care information and a logo sticker are added to every order!

Note: during winter, extra insulation and/or heat packs may be added... we aren't responsible for any damage caused by shipping carrier mishandling or delay or by weather damage... contact us with any issues and we will make every effort to resolve the problem... we take responsibility for damages due to packing error or if shipped the incorrect items